About us

In 1993, after working for seventeen years directly within the luggage repair and airline industries, Heather decided to open her own luggage repair business called Heatherís Luggage Repair Ltd.

The first modest repair shop was located near the Vancouver International Airport on South Granville Street in Vancouver. In July 2008 Heatherís relocated to much larger premises just a block west of the Commercial Dr., four blocks south of Hastings on Cotton Dr.

Heather's has grown from its humble beginnings in luggage repair to expand to having its own dedicated production line for custom made bags and import luggage. The company has also been rechristened as Heather's Luggage Manufacturing & Services Ltd.

We have a team of excellent craftsmen making high end handbags for our customers. We are dedicated to making the best bags at the lowest cost available to you.

Heatherís will be pleased to look at your luggage repair and custom made bag requirements and provide an estimate. Please contact us today!